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Englander 25-CAB80S Pellet Fuelled Stove EPA Certified ESW0022

Englander 25-CAB80S Pellet Fuelled Stove EPA Certified ESW0022

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Product Description

This cabinet-style pellet stove is built with both form and function in mind.

It is powered by an auto-start igniter and our proven, user-friendly control board for quick and easy operation – just press ON and choose your desired heat setting.

The auto-ignition system ensures that the stove will safely light, and the control system takes over to ensure a safe, efficient burn. A large, 80-lb. capacity hopper holds enough pellet fuel for overnight burns (as well as reduced loading on your part), and the large viewing glass with air wash system gives a great view of the fire.

This stove heats up to 2,000 ft², and a fresh air hook-up kit is included at no charge. A stylish nickel cool-touch handle accents the stately, beveled cast iron door The stove is mobile home approved.

• Made in USA
• Heats up to 2,000 ft²
• Hopper holds 80 lb of wood pellets
• Up to 36h burn time per filling
• Mobile home approved
• Outside air kit included


Fuel type - Premium Grade Wood Pellets

Recommended heating area - 500 - 2,000 ft²

Hopper capacity - 80 lb

Maximum burn time - 36 h

Maximum heat input rate - 31,820 BTU/h (9.33 kW)

Minimum overall heat output rate - 11,641 BTU/h (3.41

Maximum overall heat output rate - 20,959 BTU/h (6.15 kW)

Minimum average overall efficiency (HHV) - 61.10%

Maximum average overall efficiency (LHV) - 68.30%

Optimum efficiency - 64.10%

Optimum heat transfer efficiency - 61.10%

Burn rate - 3.70 lb/h

Average particulate emission rate - 1.13 g/h

Average CO - 1.74 g/h

Average electrical power consumption for ignition cycle
- 5.65A (729 W)

Average electrical power consumption for continuous operation - 3.15A (479 W)

Mobile home approved - Yes, with fresh air intake
Certified according to applicable standards - By an accredited laboratory (CAN/USA)

Premium quality blower included (CFM) - 250 CFM included

Combustion technology - Bottom-feed

Baffle type - Mild steel

Flue outlet diameter - 3"

Recommended chimney diameter - 3"-4"

Type of chimney - ULC/ORD-C441, CAN/ULC S609, UL 641 (TYPE L)

Overall dimension (Width) - 23 1/4"

Overall dimension (Height) - 35 1/2"

Overall dimension (Depth) - 27 1/2"

Voltage and frequency - 120 VAC / 60 Hz

Door type - Single, glass with cast iron frame

Glass type - Ceramic glass

Glass surface - W x H 8" x 8"

High-efficiency certified appliance - Yes, EPA 2020 approved

Canadian Standard (emissions) - CSA B415.1-10

USA Standard (emissions) - EPA, ASTM E2779

Canadian Standard (safety) - ULC S627

USA Standard (safety) - UL 1482, ASTM E1509

Warranty - 5 year Limited

Shipping weight - 330 lb

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